Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Fixed Deposit Managers

Features of Free Fixed Deposit Managers

High interest rates and safety of principal and return makes Fixed Deposit as the favourite investment choice among Indian investors. There are various type of deposit schemes available in the market. For instance an investor could invest either in a bank FD, or a corporate FD, or a PPF account etc. Also lot of the investors deposit money in different banks to avoid tax deduction at source (TDS). This makes the task of monitoring all the investment in fixed deposit a bit of a challenge. 

There are many websites which offer solution for managing fixed deposit investments. But none of them provide the complete set of features that would help in managing the fixed deposit investments, hence an investor might have to choose the solution based on the comparative study of the features provided by these websites. 
  We have made an attempt to do a comparative study of the fixed deposit management solutions provided by different websites. We have started with the list of features that should be supported by the fixed deposit manager. Later on we have done the comparison of the features provided by various websites. We hope this will help the investors in choosing the right solution for their need.

  • Consolidated view of all deposit maintained in different banks

  • Support for adding different kind of FDs like Simple FDs, Recurring Deposits, Compouding FDs etc
  • Knowing deposit values at any time (or knowing unrealized Interest)
  • Interest earned till date
  • Interest earned break down every year and month
  • Future cash projection including interest & maturity amount
  • Taxable Interest Income each financial year
  • Automatic calculation of interest and maturity amount based on modelled deposit
  • Email alert for upcoming maturity or interest payment
  • Allow to update interest/maturity amount
  • Handles pre mature withdrawals

FeaturesMoney ControlEt NowAskkuberEdelweiss
Consolidated view of all deposit maintained in different banksYesYesYesYes
Support for adding different kind of FDs like Simple FDs, Recurring Deposits, Compouding FDs etcYesYesYesYes
Knowing deposit values at any time (or knowing unrealized Interest)YesYesYesYes
Interest earned till dateNoYesYesYes
Interest earned break down every year and monthNoNoYesNo
Future cash projection including interest & maturity amountNoNoYesYes
Taxable Interest Income each financial yearNoNoYesNo
Automatic calculation of interest and maturity amount based on modeled depositYesYesYesYes
Email alert for upcoming maturity or interest paymentNoNoYesNo
Allow to update interest/maturity amountNoNoYesNo
Handles pre mature withdrawlsNoYesYesNo

Friday, June 27, 2014

Best Stock Watchlists for Indian Market

Watchlsit is a list of securities being monitored for potential trading or investing opportunities. The watchlist may provide an alert, fundamental, performance and technical view in an attempt to find high probability for trading & investment.

We conducted the survey of all the major players allowing users to create watchlist and compared their features. This might help readers to make the rights choice based on their need.

What should we look from a watchlist solution

Allow to set Alert
User can setup email alert on major event happening on watch list stocks
Fundamental View
Provide view to users with key financial ratio and other information.
Performance View
Provide users to view the return of watchlist stock over a period of a time on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
Custom View
It allows users to create custom view of a watchlists. Like add or remove financial parameter in the view.
Compare price charts
It helps users to compare multiple stock's daily price chart.
Multiple Watchlist
Multiple watchlist involves the ability for a user to create multiple watcthlist under one account.
Export Data
It allows to export watchlist view's data in excel or csv file.

How various available solutions rank on expected features? 

WebsiteSet AlertFundamental ViewPerformance ViewCreate Custom ViewCompare price chartsMultiple Watchlist
Export Data
Money ControlYesNoNoNoNoYesNo
ET NowNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Google FinanceNoYesYesNoNoYesYes


Not single watchlist provides all the features. It depends on users to choose the feature they care most.e.f. I need Multiple watchlist the most then i will go for it along with the one which allows me to export data, so that i can do more research on the stocks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stock volatility - What does it mean to investor

What is volatility ?
For a common man, volatility of a stock is the measure of its price fluctuation or price swing. Higher the volatility means daily stock price are trading in wider range and lower the volatility means stock prices are trading in narrower price range.

If above statement make sense then get ready for a small quiz, which of the charts looks most volatile and which one least.

Chart -A

Chart -B

Check your answers

Chart B - least volatile  (Volatility = 0.60%)
Chart A - most volatile  (Volatility = 3.23%)

Thumb rule to compare the volatility of stocks, higher the heights  of candlesticks more volatile is the stock.

Statistically standard deviation of everyday price change indicates the stock volatility. Commonly, the higher the volatility, the risker the security. Also higher volatility means that the price of security can change dramatically over a short time period in either direction.

Why should an investor worry about volatility?

More volatile means more the changes in the price or more the risk. More volatile stocks might make sharper up or down turn in the price. This might be good for people who keep a close watch on the market but not good for passive investors. Also some stocks see small burst in volatility but later their volatility comes down, which means stock is consolidating its position and there is potential for uptrend. Traders looks for high volatility stocks because daily gain potential is high, while long term investors look for low volatility stocks.

What causes the volatility?

In efficient market theory every public or private information is factored in the price of stock.

  • More news/rumors about the company.
  • Manipulations by traders (specially in small stocks). For a stock with market float of 100 Crore one can create volatility by 10 crore itself.  
  • Expectation from the company based on other companies in the same industry like all IT companies stock go up based on Infosys results.
  • News about the promoter or related companies.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Best Portfolio Tracker

Hello Friends ,

Portfolio tracker application helps you to keep track of your investments and helps in future decision making. There are many websites offering online portfolio tracking application and it is difficult to identify which portfolio application is most suitable for individual. Though most of the applications are similar in providing the basic functionality, there are few which try to differentiate themselves from others by providing more advanced features to its user. This blog talks about the best online portfolio tracking applications available for the Indian stock markets and how they are different from each other. This should help the user in choosing the portfolio tracker that best suits his need. 

I would request the investors to share their views on the portfolio tracker applications available in the Indian Stock Market.

Please note your comment is valuable, because your experience will help a lot of other investors in choosing the right portfolio tracking application. It would also help the portfolio trackers to improve their service.

I have following portfolio trackers in my list:-

  1. Compares portfolio performance with Index for different time frame.
  2. Individual stocks and funds against benchmark indices.
  3. Allows portfolio for  stocks, mutual fund, ULIP, bullion, fixed income,loans, property, other assets and debt.
  4. It calculates Capital gains and tax status for current year  as well as past years.
  5. Displays the financial snapshot & latest quarterly results of stocks in your portfolio along with the growth in sales and net profit.

  1. Automatic calculation & email alert on triggered corporate actions such as bonuses, splits and dividends
  2. Portfolio v/s benchmark performance over a period.
  3. Shows monthly performance of the the Portfolio and compares it with Nifty performance.
  4. Realized/Unrealized profit/loss summary for current as well as past years.
  5. Short/long term capital gains tax summary.
  6. Share portfolio with others in read only mode.
  7. Receive weekly & monthly performance report over email.
  8. Yearly and monthly dividend summary.
  9. Displays transaction history on stock price chart as well as in tabular form.

  1. Allows more than one portfolio for a user
  2. Track  investments capital gains tax, profit/loss, dividend income & corporate actions transactions.
  3. Allows user to set custom alerts.
  4. User can get the latest update news on portfolio.
  5. Allows portfolio for stocks, mutual fund, real estate, gold, silver & fixed income transactions.

  1. It displays portfolio performance against benchmark on daily basis of current week.
  2. It provides consolidated view of all stocks and mutual fund transactions all in one place.

  1. Easily create and manage multiple independent portfolios but get a unified view.
  2. It provides consolidated view of stocks, mutual fund, ULIP & bullion transactions.
  3. Flexible alert system that notifies you when your stock/mutual funds values reach preset limits.
  4. It provides information & calculate the total short term capital gain tax liability.

  1. It tracks stocks and mutual funds transactions.
  2. User can create multiple portfolio using a single account.
  3. It provides quick investment summary & easy to understand reports on performance of your investments.

  1. User can add  stocks, mutual fund, insurance, deposits, bonds, forex, real estate & deposits transactions.
  2. User can track their investments short/long term capital gains tax, profit/loss, dividend income.

  1. It allows user to add stocks & mutual fund transactions.
  2. It provides reports & charts that enable user to make smarter investing decisions.
  3. User can set email alerts for both his equity and mutual fund portfolios.
  4. It is a paid service.

Saket/Kshama Jain

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Evaluate your portfolio stocks and see if you own one of the best in Industry


    Stock Evaluation

    Many investors are looking for feature to verify their stock selection to know if it is safe and will be able to create wealth for them. Investors are also looking for this feature before taking position in new stock.

    Many websites provide this feature in different ways, some provide a score to a company and some compare the stock performance against Index, some provide the alternative stocks within its industry. Below is the summary of available options on various portfolio websites.

    It lets you compares one stock from your holding to a Indexes at a time and you will get in Idea if the stock performed better then Index

    It is names as AgniPariksha, which lets you evaluate the holding stock with other stocks in the same Index , or in the same Industry or to stocks in the same sector and lets you know which are potential alternate to the stock you bought or intend to hold.

    Their XRay feature provides you the view of a stock and give you an idea if stock is strong enough for long term holding. Stock X-ray is based on its financial performance.